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In all the years that I have had the honor of managing the company, I would like to mention the reasons why the technical department is operating successfully!

  • All the brands manufacturers’ items before we recommend them to you have been tested in use and supported over the years by our team.
  • Our technicians, with their many years of experience combined with their competence, provide solutions to any kind of problem, 24 hours a day, all over Greece.
  • Our advantage is the continuous and scientific training of the doctor.
  • All technical support history is monitored and managed through a customized CRM system.
  • Our goal is continuous improvement always with your help, through your answers to the ISO form for customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your trust!

We will continue to be always present!

Adamantia Mina




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Transfer of Medical Equipment


  • Repair effectiveness 94% 94%
  • Professional behavior – know-how 98% 98%
  • Satisfaction with the installation-training 96% 96%
  • Service-Trust-Quality 97% 97%


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George Lampropoulos

He belongs to the Minopta team since 2015. Head of the Technical Department.
With knowledge and expertise in a wide range of ophthalmic equipment, especially CSO, Righton, Reichert, Vsionix, Keeler, Frastema, Meccanotica Mazza, Leica. He has studies in the fields of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.
The philosophy that expresses him:

“I am always happy to be close to our customers and my goal is the continuous development of all my team.”

I am always looking forward to working with my customers and to the development of my team.

Tel: 6937555027


Panayiotis Voulgaroudis

He has been working at Minopta since 2018. He has studied Electronic Engineering and with 10 years of experience in repairing electronic and mechanical failures of medical equipment, he actively participates in the team, aiming to provide better and faster service to our customers.

As a supervisor at the surgical microscopes of the manufacturer Leica Microsystems, his duties include maintenance, repair, installation, updating and training of doctors in the use of the equipment. In addition, he specializes in Ophthalmic Laser systems, as well as sterilization furnaces.

Tel: 6977468197


Thodoris Stergiou

He has been working at Minopta since 2018 as an application specialist, specializing in OCT, Lasers and ultrasound, with continuous training from Optovue Visionix, Iridex, Keeler, Kowa, Medmont and CSO.

His studies started with a degree in Electrical Engineering, then he did postgraduate studies in Biomedical Engineering, as well as Mathematical Logic and Algorithms. He has many years of professional experience as a computer technician and medical data analyst in neuroscience.

He is responsible for technical support of OCT systems and additionally provides continuous updates and trainings to physicians.

Tel: 6937238923


Ares Kalogerakos

He has been working at Minopta since 2019 as a medical instrument technician and has studied Electronic Engineering. As a technician he has undertaken a wide range of responsibilities, such as installations, trainings and troubleshooting of Optovue, CSO, Keeler, Iridex, Righton, DMD, Leica etc.

He has been trained both overseas and remotely at Cso, Iridex, Optovue, Keeler, Plasmapp, Leica.

As the person responsible for the quality and quantity receipts of machines and consumables in our company, he effectively contributes to ensure that the medical equipment is fully and accurately checked when it is delivered to the company.

Tel: 6979808549


Panos Elezai

Member of Minopta, since 2020. With specialized studies in Biomedical Engineering at the University of West Attica.

He is in constant communication with customers to provide them with the best possible information and service regarding the use of ophthalmic equipment. He is characterized by his kindness and willingness to provide continuous training and support to the medical staff.

Tel: 6970092135


Hara Nikolopoulou

For the last year she has been a member of the Minopta team as General Secretary and Service Secretary. She has completed her studies at Panteion University, specializing in Political Science and International Studies.

Every day, through her responsibilities, she handles the work of the company and the service department with the aim of achieving maximum results for the company and its customers. Through her organizational abilities she contributes to the functionality of the team and the achievement of its goals.

Tel: 2106540165


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