The Company, consistently oriented to quality and expertise, has created a solid foundation in specialized modules in Ophthalmology:

Diagnostic Clinic – The activity started 55 years ago, with the introduction of a slit lamp and refractometer by the well-known company CSO-Nikon and has reached today to cover the complete equipment of a polyclinic.

Throughout Greece, ophthalmologists continue to trust us and the oldest ones are still operating, thanks to the service of our technicians.

Head of the diagnostic department is Mrs. Maria Monou, a biomedical scientist, with a deep knowledge of the field, 25 years.

OCT – Since 2010, our successful collaboration continues with Optovue, a pioneer in angiography, with over 120 systems installed throughout Greece. It covers even conditions where imaging detail is very important, as well as repeatability and comparison of results.

Ms. Monou and Mr. Stergiou – Electronics and OCT Specialist – have dedicated many hours to their training, over the years and have been recognized for the support they provide to the physician.

Surgical Microscopes – We have been expanding our communication with the medical field to other specialties. Dozens of hospitals and clinics across the country use Leica technology and optical systems. Ophthalmologists, Neurosurgeons, ENT, Dentists, Plastic Surgeons etc. Mr. Voulgaroudis and his team, with great experience in the needs of surgeons, informs and technically supports doctors of all specialties with great success.

Lasers – We have been supplying ophthalmic therapeutic lasers for over 20 years, representing leading manufacturer, Iridex.

From the older Argon to the modern 532nm, the 577nm yellow, the Nd:Yag 1064nm… to the innovative repeatable Micropulse therapy and specialist lasers for children.

Surgical Instruments – We have been importing disposable instruments for 15 years and only work with brand name manufacturers using sterilization resistant titanium and stainless steel. We offer resident kits or operating room cases.

In addition to specialization by sector, the company has a firm policy and philosophy on communication, service and cooperation. This has led us to the present day, as Minopta IKE has been formed, with an extended participation of partners. In privately owned premises in Cholargos, it employs 17 people.

Important for us are the ISO system and technical support.
We participate in the NSRF, with new customer management programs Soft One ERP, CRM.

We are in a successful period and our goal is to be better organized to meet your growing needs, with new partners, more trainings, more presence in pre-innovations and new markets.

It is worth working with our company, because apart from proven quality and service, you will share with us values such as honesty, respect, ecological awareness, and professional behavior.

Manager of Minopta IKE: Adamantia Minas